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Service Above Self

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DEXTER ROTARY  6th annual fundraiser to provide Scholarships for our Dexter High School Students is history..until next year for the 7th....  A wonderful THANK YOU to the attendees and people that Donated.
What activities do Dexter Rotarians participate in ..... every Year?
by Weaver, Dick 


That is a very interesting question - one that Dexter Rotarians really didn't have a good answer for - until we stopped to think about it.

So, after some thought - here's a list of some (poor memories) of the major activities your Dexter Rotarians participated in for 2013 and every year after


  • Playhouse Fund Raising - to give back to Dexter Community
  • Jazz Night Fund Raising - to provide scholarships for Dexter High School (DHS) seniors
  • Memorial Day Parade Sponsorship
  • Tree Planting (225 trees distributed) - for tornado victims of 2012
  • 5 Scholarships for DHS Seniors
  • Interact Club - our active DHS students
  • Literacy Project at Cornerstone School - yes, we read to elementary grade students
  •  (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) - about 20 students went to Canada to learn how to be even better leaders
  • Exchange Students (inbound and outbound) - Dexter Rotary hosted a student from France last year and we will host another student from Germany next school year. In addition, we have one of our own Dexter students headed to France next school year.
  • FIA Support - our Rotary garden plot in the Dexter Community garden and our Interact Club potato project provided over 600 pounds of fresh produce for Faith in Action (FIA)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner - Dexter Rotarians collected enough food to provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner for needy families
  • Christmas Presents - In addition to Thanksgiving, we collected Christmas gifts for children
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing - our annual tradition of helping the Salvation Army by ringing bells
  • Shop with a Cop - helping children select and wrap presents for Christmas
  • Ice Rink support - Dexter Rotary provides funding and support for the Dexter Community Ice Rink
  • Rotate Your Food Project - support to a local food bank
  • Back to School Back Packs - we provide many backpacks filled with school supplies for those in need
  • Ronald McDonald House – at the U of M hospital there are many families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their children undergo critical treatment. Dexter Rotary provides meals for the families several times a year.
  • Dexter High School after school support – Library/Media Center - in order to provide a place for students to study and get help with homework, Dexter Rotary provides people to keep the Library open after school.
  • Community Garden – supply food to FIA
  • Porta’ Johns for Dexter Village event - yes, we even help the Village by providing necessary facilities.
  • GORDON HALL  Grants and  other support activities...
  • STRIVE  ( Students Taking a Renewed Interest in the Value of Education )  PROGRAM support with DHS Alt Ed program. We help provide Engaged Mentorship, Scholarship Opportunities, Life Skills Coaching..and much more...  

Wow, that's a lot of activity. But, our motto says it all - "Service above Self". Dexter Rotarians love to help their community. Come to one of our breakfasts - Thursday mornings at Terry B's - 7:30am - to learn about how you might help the community too. Plus, you'll meet a bunch of fun people who happen to love their community.    

A Special Thanks to Larry Cobler for compiling the original list...



Dexter and Rotary Youth Exchange 1/28/2018

The Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) scholarship is for high school-aged students (15-18 years of age) who are interested in living and studying abroad for a long-term or short-term exchange. The goal is to promote the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace at the person-to-person level. Exposure to new cultures and customs is a powerful way to promote global understanding and peace. And the students who participate have the experience of a lifetime, learning and growing in ways they could only imagine.

Dexter Rotary believes strongly in the value of RYE, and is commits a great deal of member and financial support in order to provide this wonderful opportunity to the students of Dexter. If you are interested in learning more about how to participate in any way, either as a student or as a host family, please contact Caryl Burke of the Dexter Rotary at 734-476-5232 or by email at

Rotary offers 2 types of exchange, long term and short term. In a long term exchange, the student travels to another country and completes a full school year there while living with 2-3 host families. Short term exchange (aka STEP) is more of a family-to-family exchange, typically during the summer. The student/family are paired with a student/family from another country. Student 1 travels to live with Student/Family 2, typically for about a month, and then both students return to Family 1 and live there for around a month.

The Rotary Club of Dexter has sponsored 4 outbound long term exchange students from Dexter. In this exciting program, applicants participate in selecting the country they will travel to for 1 school year. Rotary identifies host families in the host country and provides training, support, and resources to the student to help prepare them for their adventure. The student’s costs for this program are limited to flights, insurance, fees for passports and visa, and minimal Rotary fees that help cover the cost of the program. No money for tuition and living expenses is required, as Rotary, host families, and host schools provide the necessary essentials. For the current school year, we have 2 students in this part of the program. Mya Connolly is studying in South Korea and Rachel Rabideau is studying in Germany.

Every year for about 10 years, Dexter Rotary has also sponsored an inbound long term exchange student from another country to come to Dexter through RYE. Each exchange student stays with 2-3 host families in Dexter. The Rotary Club identifies the host families and trains and vets them, provides a monthly stipend to the student, and provides active support to the student and the host families. In addition, Rotary club members ‘adopt’ our student each year, helping to make sure he or she has a great experience by inviting them to family events and local attractions and sporting events. Our student this year is Piero Ramos from Lima, Peru.

In order to make long term exchange happen, we need local families to volunteer as host families. The best host families are those who would enjoy sharing their home with a student from another country, and who feel that they could contribute a positive image of life in Dexter. It is not necessary to be a member of Rotary, we don’t require that the student have a room of their own, and it isn’t even necessary to have other children in the household.

The Rotary short term exchange program is also very active in Dexter. This great program provides the experience of living in another country, but for a shorter period of time. Last summer, 2 students from Dexter, Elise Reich and Ada Osolu, were paired with students from Argentina and from France, respectively, for a short term exchange.

Dexter Rotary is always happy to talk to kids and parents who are interested in learning more about RYE. And we are always on the lookout for people who would like to talks about being a host family. If you have questions and would like to learn more, please contact Caryl Burke at 734-476-5232 or






Nearly three years ago, Rotary Club member Gloria Leininger proposed a weekly fresh produce program to Dexter Faith in Action, in order to promote healthier living during the “off garden” months. Gloria knew that fresh produce can get expensive during these months, making produce less available to our neighbors in need. “This is just one more way we can advocate for our local community to promote healthy eating.” –says Gloria.

The Club has heartily supported this program with four – five Rotarians weekly delivering $75.00-$90.00 of various produces items to the FIA pantry. The Dexter Country Market has been gracious and very helpful in selling the Rotary club various produce items that are on sale weekly, ensuring economical buys and a nice rotation of fresh produce be delivered.

The program extends from October to May and is supported by many members of the Dexter Rotary club who pledge a monthly donation towards its budget. Representatives of FIA have expressed their appreciation for this service many times and are so happy to have many organizations helping their pantry stay fully stocked for our FIA families. To learn more about the Dexter Rotary Club, visit or


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